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Enjoy a blend of diversity and fresh creativity and recipes at our Indian restaurant in Sunnyvale City in California. Here, Chaat House Mary follows recipes and cooking techniques that go back for centuries. Patience is the secret ingredient in every dish we serve, whether it's dal, naan, curry, or tandoori. Both vegan and non-vegan folks will find a plethora of meals on our menu. When you visit, your taste buds will say, We are now open on all days! Newly Renovated. Chaat House Mary is popular for restaurants and bars, but it only lacked an authentic and fine Indian restaurant. We are locally owned and operated. From all four corners and center of India, we bring to you appealing and appetizing served by street vendors & big hotels alike. Chaat House Mary features authentic Northern Indian cuisine while serving a variety of popular dishes from all around India. Chaat House Mary is the first Indian restaurant to bring the iconic Indian street kabob to Sunnyvale City in California, using locally sourced lamb from Sunnyvale. Conveniently located in the center of Asia Town, Chaat House Mary aims to create a casual and enjoyable dining experience with high-quality ingredients, authentic flavors, and satisfactory service. Chaat House Mary is the perfect location to enjoy a delicious and memorable, authentic Indian meal. We invite you to be our guest to experience a fine dining meal, made with fresh Indian ingredients! "thank you." Contact us to make a reservation.